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Zabder offer 3 Specials items from our chefs , ( Pictures and descriptions below)

Crispy Noodle

#1- Crispy Egg noodles, Serve with gravy sauce with choice of [Chicken, Pork, Shrimp or Seafoods] Starting @$ 15.00 .
Extra ,*Shrimps $3.00 ,*Seafoods $4.00
Shrimps $18.00 , Seafoods $19.00

Basil Bf ( Thai style)

#2-Stir fry basil, Traditional Thai stir fry and it's very popular, Spicy!! choice of [ Chicken, Beef or Pork] Starting @$15.00 ( Lunch) , $17.00 ( Dinner size) serve with steamed rice.

Thai Noodle soup
Thai Noodle soup

#3- Thai style noodle soup ( Similar to vietnamese Pho') . Quick and easy lunch , Extremely popular!! Starting @ $15.00

**Picture for sample only, Actual picture is coming** Sorry for an inconvenience

The most popular lunch, Quick and easy. Keep your life simple and save tons of time when you are hurry!! Starting @ $15.00 (*** Recommended by our chef***)