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1 Chicken Satay $12

Skewer of tender marrinated chicken with Thai herb. Grilled to perfaction served with our homemade peanut sauce.

2. Golden squid $10

Crispy fried squid ring served with our homemade mayonnaise.

3. Thai Spring Roll $8

Deep-fried crispy chicken spring roll served with Thai sweet chili sauce.

3. Crispy Dumpling $9

Deep-fried dumpling chicken served with Thai sweet chili sauce.

1. Beef Tataki $15

Seared thin Alberta AAA beef. Topped with scallions, sprouts, crispy onion and Japanese wafu dressing.

2. Akedashi Tofu $5

Deep-fried tofu served with tempura sauce.

3. Salmon Salad $10

Thin sliced salmon, lettuce, carrot, chery tomato, sesame seed. Topped with Japanese sesame dressing.