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Khao – Soi ; The most famous noodles dish from Northern part of Thailand (** Rich of flavours**)
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Thai E-Sarn

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Welcome to Zab Der Authentic Thai E-Sarn ,We are pleased you have chosen to dine with us and we are excited to share our cuisines with you. Our chef prepare traditional with exceptional techniques, using only the highest-quality ingredients. Zab Der Thai is under the management of highly experienced chef and a friendly team.

For over 20 years, Moddang  have been preparing Thai meals with love. They are always experimenting and looking for new and creative dishes to perfect. Moddang was born in the beautiful country of Thailand and were raised in restaurant-based homes. She take immense pride in crafting and decorating Thai dishes, and thrilled to offer savory sections.

*** Chef Moddang was trained in many fields in Thailand , She has gain many certifications relate to the foods industries and involved and familiar  with  Thai foods since she was a child, Her grandmother trained and teaches her with old school techniques how to prepare and cook Thai foods properly.  She always ensure that every dishes delivery to the customers is quality!! 

We personally thank you for dining in or taking out with us today. We are also pleased to offer Thai  services for hosting your special occasions at home.

BY K. Moddang and Peter , We have been around and work with many Thai restaurants in Calgary for years!! Now it’s time for us to pass the authentic taste to our valuable customers. 

Pictured below is my Grandmother’s( Mrs. Mangsawat Prani), Who has trained and taught me tons of fundamentals of the cooking techniques.  My style is unique and I assure that you will never disappoint with my cooking skills because quality and details always are citical for me.

Chef Moddang.

My Grandmother, My chef master

Prani Grandmo